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Italian is a charming but complicated language and learning it is not always a simple and immediate process as it may seem. Italian is one of the official languages of European Union and one of the most spoken in the whole world, due to the significant presence of Italian citizens abroad and the fact that it is the second official language in some countries such as Croatia and Slovenia. For the majority of the inhabitants of the so-called "Bel Paese", Italian is the mother tongue and the one they use to carry out all their daily activities.

The acronym "LS" is used for indicating the teaching of Italian language outside Italy or for foreign students. Studying Italian entails the possibility to get in contact with the prestigious culture of this country, in which many important arts such as music, theatre, sculpture and literature were born, becoming famous and appreciated all over the world. There is no doubt, indeed, that the Italian style is one of the most sought-after and valued at the international level.

During your stay in Italy, the ability to speak the official language of this country will be very useful, if not fundamental, expecially if you are here for job-related or study reasons.

Finding a job in Italy is easier if you can speak Italian at least at a basic level, since companies use Italian as a vehicular language and it is not so common to find someone who is able to speak a foreign language at the main offices or public bodies.

On the other hand, if you come from a foreign country and you can speak Italian, you can apply to an Italian company for a job offer that involves relationships with a foreign counterpart, being sure that you have competence and knowledge of different languages and cultures.

Learning Italian is also necessary if you want to study in Italy. Italian Universities require a basic knowledge of Italian for attending the main study programmes. Attending a University in Italy gives you an added value to put on your Curriculum Vitae and your training qualifications, having regard to the high quality of the Italian education system and the culture that makes Italy so famous worldwide.

Every year there are millions of students who come to Italy for studying and many of them decide to stay here for living once they have experienced the high level of the study programmes and lifestyle in general.

Experts say that Italian is not a homogeneous language, since it presents many varieties that depend on the area in which it can be used. We can then distinguish colloquial Italian from the burocratic one, the vulgar from the technical one, and so on. These different aspects can be learned thanks to a specific programme to be chosen according to each own preliminary knowledge and single needs.

Studio Forenix is a translation and interpreting agency which gives you the possibility to attend language courses held by mother tongue teachers.

It can count on a wide network of professionals all over Italy and abroad, having its main office in Padua, Italy, that can be reached easily by using the public transport system.

The language courses are held at the office of Studio Forenix, where you will have the possibility to know the managers and the teacher, so that it will be easy to explain what your needs are and to point out the objectives you want to achieve before lessons start.

Thanks to their great experience, teachers of Studio Forenix are able to meet even the most particular needs in order to provide a customised training according to single goals: passing a University exam, a job interview, a certification etc.

During the lessons you will have the possibility to learn all the skills related to Italian language: reading, writing, comprehension, oral production and listening, and that is possible thanks to interactive techniques and different kinds of activities.

If you choose an individual course you can start to attend Italian lessons in each period of the year and you can distribute them according to your availability and the one of the teacher. You will start with a minimum number of 20 hours, paying a total amount of €500 (€ 25 per hour), having also the possibility to go on with the following modules.

An individual course is the perfect solution for those who don't have the possibility to attend a group course because they have at their disposal different hours or days, or for those who prefer to focus on one particular aspect of the language. Lessons can also be distributed during the week creating an intensive course, that is 8 or 10 hours per week.

If you need more information don't hesitate to contact us at our main office in Padua and we will be pleased to satisfy your curiosities and give you more details about the services we provide.

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